Do one thing every day that makes you happy

Daisy and Daily La Vie

A New Lifestyle Blog from London, UK.

Hi! Welcome to Daily La Vie. I am Daisy, a corporate hamster by day and a creative by night.  I love food, fashion, beauty, travel, painting, creating music and writing, amongst other things.


Why start blogging:

First of all, I think at times we get caught up with the daily grind and neglect doing what we actually love. Whether it’s going to theatre, meditating, going for a run, spending quality time with family, arts and crafts, indulging in beauty and fashion, learning a new language, blogging, or something else. You get the point, there is no right or wrong answer.

So, I made a promise to myself, to do at least one thing EVERY SINGLE DAY that makes me happy, helps me de-stress, re-energises me, brings me joy, and makes my daily life a ‘little bit special’. And I hope to blog about it as I go along.


Consequently, if this blog inspires you, just you, just one person, to make a positive change in their life, it’ll make me the happiest person ever. 


Why call it Daily La Vie?

In case you’re wondering why Daily La Vie: Well, Paris is one of my most favourite cities in the world and to me the French language is rather special. Daily La Vie, reminds me to make my daily life ‘a little bit special.’ Hence, Daily La Vie. lol, and also I think it sounds kinda cute. 🙂

What next?

Hope you enjoy this blog and hope you make your daily life a little bit special, make it Daily La Vie 🙂


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Finally, I would really encourage you to leave comments on blog posts and share your stories, you never know who you will inspire.

Lots of love,